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Sunyata is a Buddhist term meaning the emptiness within form. This bodywork is designed to help the individual create a container for all that is experienced through the felt sense. It also facilitates connection to the timeless, formless, stillness within their being. The body works together synergistically with the soul inhabiting it, connecting the two is key to move deeper into wholeness and integrative healing.

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Craniosacral is subtle bodywork modality that aims to regulate the central nervous system, relax connective tissue, nerves, bones of the spinal area, and cranium. 
Craniosacral is done fully clothed and with touch as light as a the weight of a nickle. The focus is on unwinding constriction within the  different bones of the the skull, spinal cord, tailbone or sacrum, as well as creating a safe space for the cerebral spinal fluid to flow harmoniously resetting the entire central nervous system.



This is an eastern modality based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). From this lens there is a belief that everything in nature has a purpose. Every element in nature plays a role of destruction and creation manifesting as perfect equilibrium for life to flourish. As elements in nature show up in our bodies the body will reflect what is in & out of balance with the flow of energy or “Qi” meaning “life force energy.” The practitioner can assess whether there is a surplus or deficiency by holding various pressure points on the body. When Qi is in flow all of the organs, blood, tissues, brain, and nervous system are in alignment and functioning at their optimal level. Qi is distributed evenly and harmoniously throughout the body. 



Gua Sha is an oriental technique used to relieve inflammation, muscle tightness, and chronic tension. Gua Sha is done by rubbing or scraping with a massage tool and oil. Much like cupping the surface of the skin will temporarily change in appearance, due to the bursting of tiny blood vessels called capillaries on the surface of the skin, it will return to normal within a few days. 
The technique is used to remove what an oriental tradition is called stuck “Qi” or energy, which is believed to be the main culprit for inflammation.

This is not offered as a stand alone treatment but rather an Add On to an existing service. It can also be incorporated into an existing service with no extra charge.

Contact me today to find out about my unique approach and to schedule an appointment.

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​Both my personal beliefs and bodywork approach is based in Taoism. The concept of duality that all opposites in life create each other. We live in a realm of duality. The pain creates the joy, the loss creates the gain, shadows are created by light, and emptiness creates form; Sunyata. When we realize that all things are connected, there is no separation. We move into our hearts, into unity and wholeness. What we carry in our bodies in all the tension of the ways in which we fragment, split off, reject different parts, and don’t love ourselves. We are holding and bracing against life, and the loss of what we believe makes us whole. Yet what truly allows us this space of wholeness is to embody all that moves in and out of us. The tension and the release. My mission as an artist and a bodyworker is to allow the unconscious to become conscious. To shed the light of awareness on the darker spaces within you. To allow you to be however your are, with open loving curiosity. To create space for you to embody wholeness. 

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