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Lorena Riffo Jenson

Olivia has been my massage therapist for over 3 years. She has worked with me to ensure my body's pain decreases and helps me through massage therapy and other modalities. She is a critical part of my healthcare team and I highly recommend her!"

Lucy Park

 Olivia has a gift for healing and intuitive bodywork, which enhances her extensive training and dedication to Acupressure, Craniosacarl Therapy, and Massage. She has helped me with chronic pain, numbness, and weakness in my shoulder and hand do to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. She helped me to retain my mobility and continue to regain strength and heal. I am profoundly grateful to have crossed paths with her. She has taught me how to recognize stress and the way it is stored in my body and how to use it as a tool to self moderate. 

Jennifer Neal

A massage with Olivia begins with the selection of both a crystal and a scent. These two items may seem frivolous or unnecessary for a massage but they are important tools in the journey the tow of us are about to undertake together.

Once I am comfortable on Olivia's table, she creates a very safe container. Using the chosen crystal and scent, I am enveloped in a cocoon where I am invited to drop what ever heavy baggage I brought with me to just float away. Olivia uses her whole body to provide an incredibly intuitive, calming, and rejuvenating experience. 

As Olivia moves about my body instinctively she is able to identify and focus on specific areas that I had no

idea were even holding tension or hurt. Wow. its like she's a specialized attuned master. She finds areas that need a lot more attention. I am able to let go completely and trust her expertise, which adds to the overall sense of well-being, safety, and comfort. 

I loved that she uses tuning forks, her knowledge of Cranio-Sacral Therapy and even chooses music that centers my own heart for better healing. It is so rare to find a massage therapist that stays completely embodied, present, and is able to care for you so thoroughly 

By the end of the massage I feel completely balanced and centered, both physically and emotionally. I leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a newfound sense of clarity and focus. I highly recommend Olivia to anyone looking to restore balance to their body and mind, and to experience the healing power of all her gifts in a safe nurturing environment. 

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